The future is within your grasp.

The greatest limit of technology is no longer size, cost, or speed. It’s how we interact with it. Our mission is to break down this barrier and bridge the gap between reality and imagination.

We want to do impossible things and go places that no one has ever gone before. We are hackers and artists. Deep thinkers and dropouts. Lovers of code and big data and design. People who believe that magic is real.

Let’s bring science fiction to life.

Open Positions


Working at Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a fully remote team with technology hubs in multiple cities.

“Fast, intense, and meaningful… working at Leap Motion means solving a fundamental problem in VR/AR.”

“Working remotely means that I can create the next generation of user experiences from anywhere on Earth.”

“We’re a small company with hardware and software engineers, designers, and product leaders.”

“The atmosphere supports personal growth, experimentation, failure, and success.”

Perks and Benefits

Creating a more human reality starts with the people who work here.

Be a partner​

Every employee has a stake in the company, with competitive equity and salary packages.

Find balance

We’re a fully remote team with flexible working hours and unlimited vacation days.

Stay healthy

Leap Motion provides great health, dental and vision insurance for everyone.

Hack Your world​

Get inspired and have fun with the team at our science fairs and hackathons.

Learn & grow

We give you the tools, mentorship, and independence you need to build your future.