Leap Motion for Industrial Design

Leap Motion’s world-renowned tracking and user interface technologies bring industrial design visualization to your fingertips. We work with global enterprise and R&D divisions to drive the creation of next-generation products and environments.

Virtual and augmented reality

If technology is the “bicycle of the mind,” it’s not enough to go places faster – it’s about going more places. Technology should not only make us more efficient but also make the things we do more meaningful.

Leap Motion technology can be integrated with VR/AR headsets to unlock unprecedented design workflows for physical products, environments, and interfaces.

Project North Star

Designing the future starts with living in the future. Project North Star is the most advanced augmented reality R&D platform in the world, featuring the widest field of view, highest resolution, and fastest display, combined with our industry-leading computer vision and user interface technologies.

Desktop and embedded systems

In two years, smart devices will outnumber humans six to one. How we interact with these devices will fundamentally shape how we experience them.

Leap Motion technology makes it possible for designers, engineers, and developers to design the future using the universal interface – the human hand. Our sensors and tracking solutions can be distributed with enterprise software packages or embedded directly into your products.

Let's redefine reality