Fan Site & Social Media Guidelines

Updated on: May 30th, 2019

At Leap Motion we’re proud to have such an enthusiastic and supportive community. We want to help people express that enthusiasm while still respecting Leap Motion’s intellectual property rights and usage guidelines. This is important so that consumers, developers and others aren’t confused about what is and is not an official Leap Motion web site, Twitter account, Facebook page, or other social media account.

To help, we’ve created these guidelines for Leap Motion fan sites and social media sites.

Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Accounts
Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and other social media accounts using the words “leap motion” or “leap” in their handle or account name must start with the word “fan” or other words to help distinguish the account from one owned by Leap Motion. The account description must make clear that the account is not affiliated with Leap Motion. Account pages must contain a prominent statement that the site is not affiliated with Leap Motion.

URLs must contain descriptive words that make clear from the URL alone that the site is a fan site (for example, “”) and not an official Leap Motion website. All site pages must have a prominent statement that the site is not affiliated with Leap Motion. The site may not have a commercial purpose, such as selling products or promoting other services.

Logo Usage
You may use the official Leap Motion logo or a picture of the Leap Motion Controller on your website or Facebook page if you comply with these guidelines.

Please ensure that your own logo (on your website or Facebook page) does not use the stylized font and color scheme of the official logo (for example, don’t use a logo or significant design element in the same lime green as ours). Similarly, you may not alter the Leap Motion logo, or animate it, or incorporate it into yours. All of these actions could confuse people about who is operating the site or account.

Your use acknowledges that Ultrahaptics Ltd owns the Leap Motion logo and that use of that logo is to the benefit of Leap Motion. Leap Motion grants you no other rights in the logo and the included trademarks than those described in these guidelines.

You agree not to use our logo in advertising/promotional materials, collateral, products, labels, packaging or any other printed material, unless there is a separate agreement between you and Leap Motion specifically permitting such uses. 

Legal Notices
You must include all copyright, trademark and other markings as appropriate. At a minimum include the following notice on any website or Facebook page: “Leap Motion and the Leap Motion logo are the trademarks of Leap Motion, Inc. and are used here by permission.”

Social Media Policies
In addition to the requirements listed here, your uses must comply with the policies of the applicable social media sites. You can find their policies for account names, uses, and other content on their websites

Additional Information
If you have questions about these guidelines please contact us. These guidelines are not exhaustive and we may amend or change them from time to time. If we believe your use does not comply with these guidelines we may contact you directly or use the dispute process of the applicable social media site if we believe you are violating any of their terms.