Trendsetting motion controller now available throughout Germany and Switzerland in all Media Markt stores and through Media Markt online shop

San Francisco, CA – November 6, 2013

Just in time for Christmas, Leap Motion™ introduces the innovative Leap Motion Controller for the German and Swiss markets. The Leap Motion Controller makes it possible for people to use finger and hand movements in the air to interact with computers and other devices in natural and dynamic ways. The Leap Motion Controller will be available in all Media Markt stores in Germany and Switzerland as well as in the Media Markt-Onlineshop (Germany: and Switzerland: on November 6.

“Our mission is to break down the barriers between humans and technology to realize the potential of both,” explained Andy Miller, president and chief operating officer for Leap Motion. “The Leap Motion Controller allows a person’s computer to understand a broad range of movements which opens the door for people to enjoy new way to create, learn and play through custom-built apps.”

The Leap Motion Controller is a small USB device, which contains two camera sensors and three infrared LEDs, creating a 3D interaction space in front of a person’s computer of laptop. People can download specially designed apps in Leap Motion’s Airspace™ Store. This online store has over 100 apps that let users interact with their computers in fascinating new ways - from taking apart and exploring a molecule to controlling their favorite games with just the swipe of a finger.

Leap Motion™ coming to Europe
With launching the Leap Motion Controller in the German and Swiss markets, Leap Motion continues to expand its presence in Europe. Since the company first launched the controller in the United States on July 22, app downloads from Leap Motion’s Airspace™ Store passed 1 million within weeks of launch, and more than 25,000 developers have downloaded Leap Motion’s free software development kit to design applications.

The Leap Motion Controller is already available in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Starting 06 November 2013, it will be available in Germany and Switzerland including the sensor and an USB cable for connection to the PC.

About Leap Motion
Leap Motion™ provides a revolutionary new way for people to play, create, explore and learn with their computers. Leap Motion’s proprietary technology, invented by co-founder David Holz, can track the in-air movement of both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible accuracy and no visible latency. The Leap Motion Controller is a small USB device. The California based company was founded in 2010 by David Holz and Michael Buckwald.

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