SK Telecom Begins 5G Service Development with Leap Motion in Silicon Valley

Seoul, South Korea – October 16, 2015

*The following is an unofficial English translation of a press release distributed by SK Telecom, originally published on October 16, 2015.

  • SKT announces MOU with Leap Motion, an innovative company in Silicon Valley, for AR/VR Service Development
  • Confirmed possible synergy for both companies through technical evaluation combined with AR solution “T-AR” and Leap Motion Controller
  • SKT is one of the first companies to work with Leap Motion’s Dragonfly prototype module, which offers cutting edge technology

SKT, the largest mobile carrier in South Korea and a worldwide leader in 5G technologies and service development, and Leap Motion, an innovative American tech company, have announced plans to collaborate.

SK Telecom (CEO Dong Hyun Chang, signed a memorandum of under-standing (MOU) with Leap Motion (CEO and Co-founder Michael Buckwald,, a company that develops 3D motion sensors and solutions, and dis-cussed building an AR/VR ecosystem on October 16th.

SK Telecom CTO, JinSung Choi and Leap Motion CEO, Michael Buckwald joined the MOU signing ceremony at SK Telecom headquarters in Seoul, Euljiro on October 15Th.

Both companies confirmed a possible collaboration at the MOU signing ceremony where they demonstrated SK Telecom’s T-AR, an augmented reality solution which shows 3D vir-tual content in 3D space combined with a Leap Motion Controller, which detects precise fin-ger movements.

The companies anticipate a new era in the near future that enables managing a variety of image and data in 3D space with finger movements, as seen in science fiction movies.

SK Telecom believes that 5G technology, which enables the high speed, low latency transfer of content, can bring realistic multimedia in AR/VR experiences introduced by SK Telecom.

SK Telecom has been developing spatial awareness and tracking technology, standard ARML-based (Augmented Reality Markup Language) content management, and 3D graphic optimization for AR since 2012. Based on those developments, SK Telecom will create an AR platform, combining HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) and 5G service for 360° realistic video content.

SK Telecom will use Leap Motion’s Dragonfly prototype sensor to track hands and fingers in virtual and augmented reality. IR image sensors only display black and white images, but Dragonfly includes RGB and infrared cameras, allowing for color imagery.

Dragonfly can also support image passthrough in a HMD, making it possible for users to in-teract with virtual and real objects in augmented reality.

SK Telecom CTO, JinSung Choi, said, “We are expecting user experience innovation in 5G generation, which enables realistic user experience of media in the VR world. We will do our best to provide new services based on high level realistic multimedia techniques through cooperation with global IT innovative companies.”

Leap Motion CEO and Co-founder Michael Buckwald said, “We believe that input is a funda-mental part of the AR/VR experience. To create a true sense of presence in VR, users should be able to interact with objects in the virtual world just as they would in the real world, us-ing their hands. We look forward to working with SK Telecom to make their AR/VR solu-tions feel even more immersive.”

Meanwhile, SK Telecom got broad attention through showing its AR service, “T-AR for Tango” with Google. SK Telecom also hosted a forum to talk about futuristic multimedia services with Google, Microsoft, and global innovative IT companies to promote cooperation around an industrial ecosystem.