Leap Motion is the creator of the world’s most powerful, accurate, and robust motion control technology for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Our global enterprise partners integrate our hardware designs and license our software to unlock new experiences in automotive, industrial, healthcare, entertainment, defense, education, and more.


Our Technology in Action

Navigate Cisco server architecture.

Design anything in VR.

Explore and customize your new Porsche.


Leap Motion Partner Program

At Leap Motion, we have a two-tier license structure for distribution of applications or technology developed with (or that use) our SDK.

In most cases, you can distribute your application under our SDK Agreement without a separate license from us. Only Specialized Applications require a separate license from us.*

A Specialized Application is a Leap Motion-enabled application which is at least one of the following:

  • priced at more than US$500 (or $240/year if on a subscription or similar basis)
  • for use with a system, machine or device (other than a PC, mobile phone or VR/AR headset), priced at more than US$500 (or $240/year if on a subscription or similar basis)
  • designed for use with or control of industrial, military, commercial or medical equipment
  • designed or primarily used for an industrial, military or medical use

If you're interested in bringing a new level of interaction to your VR/AR experience, we want to hear from you. Email us at partnerships@leapmotion.com or share your details below.


*Note: This is qualified by the terms of the SDK agreement, which you should review carefully. Also, please note that our SDK is for use only with Leap Motion hardware and software, and you may not use the SDK to develop or evaluate competing hand tracking technology.