Leap Motion technology is transforming the world of patient care with application development across a broad range of fields – from physical therapy, special needs accessibility, and hospital wayfinders to surgical training and medical interfaces. With recent innovations in embeddable modules, Leap Motion is already making it possible for surgeons to access vital medical information while maintaining a sterile environment.

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HP - Embedded

Leap Motion has partnered with HP to bring the future of 3D interaction to the world. Featuring embedded Leap Motion technology, the ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE laptop and Leap Motion Keyboard are the first of their kind. With over a dozen bundles available online, our partnership with HP delivers the same great user experience that users enjoy with the Leap Motion Controller – including access to over 200 apps in our App Store.

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Best Buy - Retail

In 2013, Leap Motion partnered with Best Buy to showcase the power of our technology with custom displays and in-store demos. As Leap Motion’s global presence has grown to more than 4,000 retail stores across 15 countries, we’re continuing to work closely with Best Buy to deliver an amazing experience to customers in the United States and Canada.

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TedCas - Healthcare

TedCas is transforming how surgeons access vital information during surgery. Using embedded Leap Motion technology, their software brings 3D motion control into the OR, so that doctors can interact with medical images in a sterile environment – without touching anything. This integration is currently under trial in six hospitals and two medical research centers around the world.

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