Hand Image Data

October 26, 2016

Leap Motion’s tracking software uses image processing, complex algorithms, and pattern recognition to track hands and objects. Since human hands come in all shapes and sizes, and appear in countless different poses and angles, we use infrared hand image data to train and improve the tracking software. This applies only to our software or tracking modes that we have indicated are “beta” or otherwise for developer and not consumer use.

This infrared hand image data consists of small image blocks, each 32 x 32 pixels (example below). At this low resolution, fingerprints and other identifying features cannot be seen. We take our privacy measures a step further by making the metadata non-identifiable – no device ID or other unique identifiers are collected or stored with the image data.

You may choose not to share performance and hand image data with Leap Motion at any time by unchecking “Send Usage Data” in the Leap Motion Control Panel in our software.