Reach into new worlds.
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Leap Motion Controller
Our technology senses how you naturally move your hands, so you can reach into the world beyond the screen – in virtual reality, augmented reality, Mac or PC.
Leap Motion for Virtual Reality
Truly immersive VR begins with your hands. Interact with virtual objects like you do in the real world – or bend the rules of reality.
Amazing Content
Discover hundreds of applications designed for the Leap Motion Controller for VR and desktop. Sculpt 3D objects, explore outer space, or gain magical powers.
Leap Motion for Mac and PC
The Leap Motion Controller works alongside your keyboard and mouse. Just plug it into the USB on your Mac or PC to get started.
207068 Developers and Counting
Today’s experiments will be tomorrow’s killer apps. Join our developer community on the leading edge of technology and build something that inspires you.
Hit the Ground Running
Download our SDK for Windows, Mac, or Linux to start building with six languages. Our Developer Portal has everything you need to start creating experiences for VR/AR, desktop, and beyond.
Leap Motion Controller
VR Developer Mount