Announcing the Leap Motion 3D Jam Winners

The top three winners were VR experiences designed for the Oculus Rift – reflecting how virtual reality is opening up new possibilities for truly innovative and compelling experiences.

Leap Motion + VR 2015: A Look at the Year Ahead

In 2015, we’re furthering our momentum with new resources for developers while advancing support for several key VR platforms.

V2 Software Now Available for Everyone

Over the past 14 months, our team has overhauled and refined the core software. Today, our V2 software will be pushed for free to devices around the globe.

Building the 3D Web with Mozilla + Leap Motion

We’ve been working with Mozilla to make the web a killer app for VR. Recently, we teamed up to create a unique WebGL integration for WebVR, their alpha-stage API for virtual reality.

Leap Motion 3D Jam: Presented by IndieCade

Starting on October 19th, Leap Motion and IndieCade are kicking off a six-week global competition for developers to build innovative experiences for desktop, virtual reality, and beyond.

Leap Motion Sets a Course for VR

If virtual reality is to be anything like actual reality, we believe that fast, accurate, and robust hand tracking will be absolutely essential.

Image API Now Available for v2 Tracking Beta

By popular demand, we’ve just released the Image API, which lets you access raw data from the Leap Motion Controller for the first time.

TedCas Strides Toward the Next-Gen Operating Room

Healthcare technology company TedCas is using Leap Motion technology to revolutionize access and handling of medical information in the operating room.

NASA and the Future of Human Technology Interfaces

Engineers at NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) are using Leap Motion technology to test the boundaries of their ATHLETE Rover.

BT and the Search for New Sound

Grammy-nominated composer BT and Dr. Richard Boulanger of the Berklee College of Music explain MUSE – a brand-new app that gives you the power to create and perform your own ambient music in the air with the Leap Motion Controller.

Introducing the 10 LEAP AXLR8R Teams

When we first announced the LEAP AXLR8R, we had no idea what concepts the community of developers, designers and founders would come up with. Today, we’re excited to tell you about the 10 teams who are turning those dreams into reality.

Paypal Support and New Ways to Access Leap Motion Apps Around the World

While we’ve already talked about embedding our technology into 12 HP platforms and introducing support for 13 new currencies, here are three other recent developments that make it easier for you to access a wide variety of Leap Motion apps.

Leap Motion Controller comes to German and Swiss market

Trendsetting motion controller now available throughout Germany and Switzerland in all Media Markt stores and through Media Markt online shop