Leap Motion for Virtual Reality BETA


Near-zero latency

Virtual reality should feel as smooth and seamless as the real world. With Leap Motion control, it feels instantaneous.

Bare hands

The most powerful motion tracking in the world doesn't need wearable sensors or bulky gloves. All you need is your hands.

Next-generation tracking

Pinpoint accuracy and massively improved robustness are just the beginning. The future of truly immersive VR starts here.

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Reach into new worlds

Ready to take virtual reality to the next level with a truly 3D interface? Bring your vision to life with awesome demos, example code, and development resources.


About Leap Motion VR

High-speed, markerless, touchless, and intuitive – no buttons, joysticks, gloves or straps. Just like in real life, your hand is the controller.


Quick setup

Put away your duct tape. In just a few seconds, your Leap Motion Controller and DK1/DK2 will be working together, with no impact on DK positional tracking. Now you're ready to experiment with the next generation of VR input.


Massive field of view

With wide-angled lenses that extend beyond the Oculus Rift's stereo displays, the Leap Motion Controller can see your hands before you do.


See the real world too

Augment your reality with infrared night-vision capabilities. Switch between the real and virtual worlds without skipping a beat – or blend them together.


What are you waiting for?

Dive into the next generation of virtual reality with Leap Motion. (Recommended VR specifications.)

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